5 Benefits of Social Media for your Business

Increase Website Traffic

Every business works actively to increase website traffic in order to expose their value. Did you know that, according to Shareaholic, in 2014 Social Media drove more than 31% of the overall traffic to sites? That is quite the figure and can’t be ignored if a business is interested in increasing website traffic.

Since then there has been a 21% growth of active social media users, which only continues to state the importance of a strong social media presence for any business.

Increase Brand Awareness

Social Media is on of the best strategies to increase your brand’s visibility and presence. A higher exposure to a broader, but well targeted, audience will only result in a higher interaction of potential costumers with your value, products or services.

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Improve Search Engine Rankings

We know you dream about the day someone types something related to your company on Google and your website or information ranks first. Isn’t it the dream? That’s the importance of Search Engine Optimization.

58% of marketers who have been using social media for one year or longer see improved search engine rankings.

Rich costumer experience

How can you make sure your costumers are satisfied? Well, make sure you deliver an experience. Humanizing and creating a specific voice for your company will do just that!

Social Media is a great way to deliver personalized messages and enrich your company’s personality.

Competitor Insights

Getting to know about your competition is part of a healthy business. You will be surprised by what you will learn.

This new information you can obtain through social media monitoring will aid you in establishing a stronger and well-thought marketing strategy.

There you go, it’s time to get social!